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Hot Spring IT has pivoted somewhat in recent months in light of the Coronavirus pandemic to provide smart solutions to businesses following the easing of the lockdown. Hot Spring IT is endeavouring to bring a peace of mind in a time of unwavering uncertainty and stress. 

Hot Spring IT has expanded its range of services to ensure that you are ready to re-open with a solid COVID secure front line strategy. We can now offer the following services:

  • Smart Heat Sending Device - This can take a temperature within one second and can verify that the person entering is within the parameters set by you. 

  • Temperature Sensing Cameras

  • Hand-Sanitisers

  • Hands-Free Access Control Systems

Employers can rest assured that these products offer a seamless and intuitive way to monitor employees and allow their business to be COVID secure moving forwards, whatever the future may bring.

IT relocation london
IT relocation london

Are you ready for a return to the office?​

  • Re-arrange the desk layout to ensure a 6ft gap (at least) between work stations

  • Small meeting rooms could become temporary individual offices

  • Larger meeting rooms could be used as hot desk rooms

  • Ask staff to gauge who would like to continue working remotely, and action on the back of a potential partial return to the office. Make plans for a potential long-term work from home initiative

  • Implement floor markings and transparent shields to ensure social distancing

  • Implement temperature checks on staff when they enter the building

  • Provide face masks for staff to use during their commute to and from the office

  • Provide hand sanitiser in communal areas, such as next to printers, and in kitchens

  • Hold an online team building event just before the planned return for the wellbeing of staff

  • Review communication infrastructure on an ongoing basis and be proactive in addressing any issues

  • Above all, maintain regular communication across the team. It's important in this uncertain time to ensure a strong platform for the business moving forwards. 

If you feel unsure about how to be ‘COVID-ready’ in the workplace, please do get in touch with Hot Spring IT and we can discuss what options are available to guarantee everyone is safe and secure in the workplace.

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