Parmi has been part of Tesco’s Digital Group since it’s inception and has provided a broad range of technology support and services to a large group of developers, product managers, UX designers and digital experts.

His ‘can-do’ attitude combined with broad knowledge and experience in networking, desktop technologies and productivity software makes him a valued and indispensable member of the team.

If Parmi cannot fix an issue on the spot (rare) then he is quick to leverage his network of contacts and escalation paths to explore options – and he won’t give up until he has resolved the case.

Working in a fast-paced environment that embraces agile methodologies can be both stressful and challenging – especially when the people who need support are generally technology savvy and only escalate to IT support as a last point of desperation. Parmi’s attitude and ability to keep many balls in the air at the same time while maintaining a calm and professional attitude – even when multiple requests are being thrown at him as being highest priority – makes him the perfect fit for any organisation who are dependent on their technology platforms running smoothly 24/7.

Thomas Nielsen,
Chief Digital Officer,
Tesco Plc.